Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Ecuador Experiment is over.

I went to Cuenca, lived there three months, and found I could live there happily.  I plan to return in 2015.

Cuenca, Ecuador
Meanwhile, I’ll be allocating the bulk of my time to studying Spanish, also saving money to have more of it with me when I go.
When I start to live in Cuenca, my two main goals will be to become fluent in Spanish speaking ability, and also, to plan and implement visits to various locations.  Since I will be living in a Spanish speaking country, the “immersion technique” will considerably facilitate the goal of learning to speak Spanish.  Since living in Ecuador will be very affordable for me, the opportunity will exist to set aside surplus money to visit places I couldn't afford to visit if I lived in the United States. [Rome, Paris, London, Jerusalem, Athens, Madrid, Santiago, Mexico City]

So, this is my last post to Ecuador Experiment. The purpose for which the blog began has been completed, so this is a proper move. The blog will stay on the internet. This keeps it alive as an archive and allows the possibility to start writing posts for it again in the future, in some other form.

My thanks go to Len Hodgeman for suggesting I begin Ecuador Experiment and for his guidance in setting it up. My thanks also go to members of the Society for the Promotion of Writers, Poets & Artists,  who critiqued my posts.

Having the Ecuador Experiment blog was a great experience for me. It encouraged me to write; I felt a desire and an obligation to write weekly posts, and up until the time I returned from Ecuador, this is what happened almost always. I learned much about computer and internet technology, and enjoyed doing so. 
Especially to those who subscribed or followed Ecuador Experiment, thanks for your interest and support.

Michael Bell