Sunday, February 19, 2012


My application for a passport was completed last Saturday.  It’ll be four to six weeks before it arrives.

I sent an e-mail this morning to the Simon Bolivar School of Spanish in Cuenca concerning registering for classes there. The school offers its courses at a 10 percent discount during June, July and August. The cost is $9 per hour for individual instruction and $4.50 per hour for groups of two or more. I’d like to insure I’m registered for those three months before all the seats are taken. I’m mildly concerned.  The on-line registration form asks for the passport number which I won’t have until around the beginning of April.  By that time, will it be too late to register?   The form also asks for flight information like dates and times of arrival and departure. I haven’t yet bought the airline ticket and why would I before I’m registered?   Also, the school accepts cash only payment to attend.  Does this mean I’m going to need to mail cash in an envelope? Sounds risky to me,

So I wrote an e mail to the school asking these questions. May I register before I have my passport number and flight information?  And, what is the typical procedure your school uses for the safe delivery of cash from overseas?