Monday, February 27, 2012


Whoops! The June and July classes are full...rats!  But August classes are open, according to Alexandra Diaz, the Student Coordinator for the Simon Bolivar School in Cuenca. She e-mailed a response to my last week's "question-asking" e-mail with this disappointing news two days after receiving it. No manana there. Imagine. Three full months before June and it's too late to register---a sign of the popularity and demand for the instructive services of this institution! So I registered--- today, for August classes through until just about the end of October, although forgetting to reserve an instructor, which I'll soon go back to the website to do.  I chose the housing option of living with an Ecuadorian family. According to school policy, students don't pay the family directly. The school pays the family. The student pays the school in order to live with the family. I just hope I will be able to take classes without interruption for a full three months from August through October.

Alexandra explained it's okay to send my arrival details later. Plus, she said I can give to her my passport number when I'm there. As for the question of cash only payment, the school will accept tuition paid by wire transfer from my bank to its bank. I'm glad to find it out.

I've been wondering how this certain personal journey of discovery might turn out to affect me and the possibility of living in Ecuador someday.  
Last week two doctors from the oncology/hematology unit at the Veterans Hospital in San Francisco interviewed me, asking numerous symptom related questions and poking about my body. One of  the doctors mentioned that my primary care provider at the VA, Nancy Keyes, had shown noteworthy diligence.  She said Keyes had been on the ball to notice a slight decrease in my red blood cell count, and send that information without delay to the hematology unit for further investigation. So on that day last week the radiology department spent two hours taking X-rays of every bone in my body. I surely do hope the doctors will discover that whatever is causing this decrease isn't any kind of serious illness.

Anyway, I have two extra months to study Spanish in preparation for the visit.