Sunday, December 18, 2011

Something to think about.

One of my sisters has been reading My Ecuador Experiment, and she e-mailed some thought provoking information to me.
She said I could purchase at an auction a foreclosed condo or studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.
My sister said home loans are not available for such properties and wrote they are sold only for cash.
I have to admit---I said to myself maybe I ought to take a second look at this visiting Ecuador project. The concept of owning a studio or condo is attractive, and if I could swing such a purchase, as my sister mentioned, I could rent a room out for supplemental income. I don't know how much any of this is true, I've never looked into it myself, but she knows more about it than I do. She said do web searches for "REO properties for sale" or "Forclosure Properties for sale".
She dangled in front of my eyes how I could buy a place, fix it up and sell it at market value. I could do these things and stay in California and have ample monies to live on. I began thinking if I visit Ecuador I might cut off a needed portion I'd need to obtain a great place. It's a test of whether or not to follow through with my plan to visit Ecuador. This is how I see it. I've never been the minority in a country. I've never been challenged like I will be challenged in Ecuador, to learn to speak Spanish---to adjust to the ways of a foreign country. I've never viewed the United States from the perspective of a person residing in a third world country. I have a great chance now to have experiences I've never had. I'm guilty. The reason I started looking at Ecuador in the first place was entirely economic. But now I want to go for the adventure of being there as well, and whatever happens after that, none of it will be capable of taking away the experience--- which for me will be the experience of a lifetime.
Everything my sister mentioned in her e-mail, I put on the back burner of my mind. It can simmer there and perhaps come to be of great value to know about later.
But God willing, I'm going to Ecuador next spring.