Friday, December 9, 2011

Forget about it!

I’ve been waiting for an answer. But my question about my eligibility to permanently reside in Ecuador that I e-mailed to a couple of immigration attorneys is being ignored. Ok. Expectations are not being met.
But I had a talk with a good friend last night who suggested I was tripping over a strand of hair. She urged me to go on the visit and treat it as not merely an expedition to determine whether or not I’d like to retire in Ecuador, but also as an adventure in itself. Make a great learning experience of it she said. Your questions to these attorneys are at the bottom rung of the ladder of their priorities, she argued. You worked for decades, you had your own business, you earned a BA, you were never convicted of a crime, and your high level of functionality despite your diagnosis of mental illness means there should be no cause for concern on account of that.
Go for it my friend urged. If I decide I want to live in Ecuador she pointed out---I’ll find an immigration attorney at the proper time to help navigate the process.
She’s right. I’m going to go on the visit and if I discover in the process I could be happy living in Ecuador, and if at a later time decide to retire there, I'll make arrangements to hire an immigration attorney at that time.