Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ecuadorian Dreaming

The idea of a retirement in Ecuador has fostered a dream I never before had in my life. Maybe I've got my head in the clouds. Anyway.
I don't claim I don't do a pile of worrying about different matters, but these days less and less so. I look back on my life and see that not one time did I ever fall and not land on my feet. More and more I'm learning that over-blown concern runs counter to faith in the magnamity and charm and goodness to life. More and more I'm realizing that life doesn't of necessity have to be viewed as if it's a threat with dangers looming at every turn of the corner. I don't want to miss the adventure to life out of misplaced hesitation. Why should I worry about the parts of the world that are out of my hands, as if I can tell the future, or as if any kind of worry about things out of my control are worth that kind of exaggerated concern. Maybe I do have my head in the clouds.
But I'll share a dream I had about a future life in Ecuador. It was spawned when I began reading a book entitled "The Third Industrial Revolution", by Jeremy Rifkin. Rifkin explains in his book how our fossil fuel based energy system, on which is based our current economic infrastructure, is on its way out because world oil supplies are nearing depletion. He draws a hopeful picture however by explaining how we are even now harnessing renewable "green" power sources such as solar, wind, wave and bio-degradable fuels, especially in Europe, by building a new infrustructure to replace the infrustructure that will in due time become obsolete. He envisions the creation of millions of jobs for workers who will erect this new green powered energy infrustructure throughout the world. He explains how the internet will be utilized to provide a democratic, across the board distribution of locally generated electric power rather than the top to bottom means we now use, with big utility companies selling power to myriad consumer customers who produce no power of their own. The author explains how this transformation will heal the earth's atmosphere and because of that end global warming.
So I dreamed---that one day, if I lived a frugal life in Ecuador, I'd have enough money to follow and report on how this story is transpiring around the world.