Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To be or not to be

The retirement income I will have when I start receiving my social security checks in March 2012 will be about $2,077 a month.
My monthly budget here in San Mateo, California is $1998. I put it simply. I subtract my living expenses from income and the remainder is $79.

I could find a job after I retire and have more income, and it's a relief to me the Social Security Administration allows a retiree to work. It allows for an option B in case my Ecuador Experiment demonstrates I’m not suited to settle there.
Moving and living in Ecuador for three months will be a culture shock. Maybe I’ll find I'm able to adjust, maybe not.

Even if I end up feeling Ecuador isn’t the place for me to retire, my visit won't have been wasted. It will be a fascinating excursion to a country where the Incas ruled in the 12th century, where Conquistadors conquered and colonized in the 16th century, and where the South American liberator, Simon Bolivar, won independence for Ecuador from Spain in 1822. The heritage of Ecuador will be there to experience in the sight of ancient Incan structures, colonial buildings erected during the heyday of Spanish rule, and plenty of museums to visit. The heritage will be there to sense in its' customs and traditions, in the way society is managed and in the way the people act in everyday situations.

I'm spending time to learn about Ecuador because I want the transition to go as smoothly as possible. I spend time learning Spanish as well so I will have basic speaking skills by the time I get there.

From every source of information about costs and prices I’ve found in regard to Ecuador, data indicates there would be an economic advantage for a person with an income like mine to live in Ecuador rather than in the United States. I put it simply. I could have what to me would be a very good standard of living in Ecuador on $1000 a month.