Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cost analysis

The full amount of my retirement income will start direct depositing into my bank account in March 2012. That’s when the planning and movement towards visiting Ecuador will kick into high gear.
What I like is that while I’m in Ecuador, my retirement money will be adding up, sequestered, and when I get back it will be an amount that goes quite a way towards replenishing the cost of the visit to Ecuador.

Here are the costs.

1. Cost to rent my studio while I’m gone: $2,685
2. Cost to board in Quito for 12 weeks: $2,016
3. Cost of Spanish language school: $1,920
4. Cost of air flights to and from Quito: $981
5. Cost to have money in Ecuador: $900
6. Cost of taxi to and from SF airport: $70
7. Cost to obtain an Ecuadorian visa: $60

The Simon Bolivar School for teaching Spanish appears like it would be a great place to learn.
The school bills itself as the best in South America to attend to learn Spanish, not only because of the alleged high quality of its teachers, but also because the Spanish it teaches is purportedly of high end quality. Two aspects of this school caught my attention. The first is the school provides an option to live in an Ecuadorian home within walking distance of the school. It’s great to think I would be able to practice speaking Spanish with family members in the home, and as well, learn important matters about Ecuadorian manners. The second aspect is school teachers, for a fee, host weekend excursions to places and / or events of special interest. I already know learning events at places focused on Ecuadorian history, literature and culture would be of most interest to me.
Another perk provided by the school is it will have a car and driver waiting at the airport to transfer me to my new residence in Quito. I've decided to register to go to this school.